Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Gary Gygax, co-creator of the first role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons, has died at the age of 69.

Gygax, who developed the game in 1974 with Dave Arneson, had been suffering from health problems for several years.

Dungeons & Dragons inspired another game in Toobworld: "Mazes & Monsters", in 1982.
In the Tooniverse, Gygax was a member of the Vice Presidential Action Rangers in an imagined scenario of how Fry's life might have played out. Vice President Al Gore was i charge of the Action Rangers, and his other team members were Nichele Nichol who played Uhura on 'Star Trek', Professor Stephen Hawking, and the Deep Blue computer. The Vice Presidential Action Rangers failed in their mission and were instead sucked into a parallel dimension with no discernible connection to whatever was left of the Tooniverse.

As I said, this was merely a "What-If" scenario thanks to a machine created by Professor Hugo Farnsworth. But he must have existed in pen and ink form in order for the machine to draw upon the original for inspiration.

Gygax voiced his own role in the 'Futurama' episode "Anthology of Interest I".

Gygax's wedding ring is cleary visible in the episode. He left behind a wife and six children, so it's O'Bvious that he didn't spend ALL of his time playing D&D.

Unlike many of those who were fans of his game......Right, Paul?

Toby OB

"Hey Langly, the guys are all up in my room
for a round of Dungeons and Dragons,
in honour of Jimmy
Timothy Landau
'The X-Files'


Mercurie said...

Wow. You know, I spent more hours playing D&D than I care to remember...

Paul said...

Well, I suppose since I have a personal mention, this is where I acknowledge that I actually emerge from fantasy life long enough to pay attention to reality - on occasion. Now I am not sure that I have spent a greater percentage of my time than Gygax did, but the game almost single-handedly kept me off of drugs in high school… and TV.