Sunday, September 9, 2007


Here's my latest "Theory of Relateeveety".......

Father Phil Intintola, a priest assigned to a parish near Montclair, New Jersey, never knew one of his grandfathers. (Which one exactly is not clear.)
During the Depression, the grandfather abandoned his family to wander the farm roads heading west in search of work and eventually the life of the hobo became second nature to him.

He had a kind nature to him, and was particularly keen in observing the human nature of others. If he ever did right himself financially and was able to return to the acceptance of his family, perhaps he was able to instill these insights in his young grandson. Perhaps the influence of his grandfather led Phil Intintola to enter the priesthood... which didn't impede on his love of movies.

But if the grandfather never returned, one side of Father Phil's family must have marveled as they watched him grow up, for it would have seemed almost as if the grandfather had been reborn. That's how much alike they were in appearance. (The fact that Paul Schulze played both Father Phil and the hobo plays a part in that as well......)

Can't be proven, but it's not likely to be contradicted either.....

'Mad Men' - "The Hobo Code"
'The Sopranos'

Toby OB

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