Saturday, September 15, 2007


Slow day; have a few ideas to post, but nothing that can't wait. Instead I finally caught up with the last 'X-Men' movie (on HBO) while cat-sitting and then the season finale of 'Psych' and Sci-Fi's editing of "Blink", an episode of 'Doctor Who' penned by Stephen Moffat. It's just not effective when there's commercial interruptions, but it's still far and away the best bit o' TV I've seen in 2007. (Look for "Blink" to win the Hugo, just like "The Girl In The Fireplace" did for Moffat.....)

So it's off to bed as I have to work tonight, but I thought I'd just share with you another of my old picture files. This time it's not about me, just an image I found online that I really liked and might still use as my icon for LiveJournal or something:

And it's quite appropriate since I just saw the Weeping Angels again.......

Toby OB

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