Sunday, May 6, 2007


My friend Shirley, my spiritual twin, got her first national blipvert, after years of movie and TV work and local ads:

Just alerting you to be on the lookout for a Travelers Insurance commercial that I'm in. The real stars of the spot are a bunch of rabbits, all with one different colored paw. The premise is that we are scientists who no longer need luck, and therefore have successfully reattached the lucky rabbit's feet to the rabbits and are putting them thru rehab.

I know friends who have seen it but never looked at our faces because they were too busy looking at the rabbits swimming, on the treadmill, on the track, going thru the MRI, etc. There are two versions and they run on the internet, cable, and network stations.

Let me know when and during what show you saw it!

Thanks and hope you're well,


This just might be compatible to the theory I ran up that combined most of her TV appearances into twin sisters. But I'll have to see it first to verify that.

So far, the only Traveler's insurance commercial I've seen featured Richard Edson as the personification of Risk, which would neatly link up with the personifications of other aspects, like Love (Loni Anderson) and Guilt (Dom DeLuise), as seen in "Guilt Trip", an episode of 'Amazing Stories'.

Toby OB

"We are twins of spirit
No matter which road we take
Or what we forsake
Joni Mitchell

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