Saturday, May 5, 2007


Because the original posts are buried deep enough in the archives that visitors to Inner Toob might never see these comments, I'm posting two emails I got today.

First up is Marsha, who responded to a post about the real-life Mayberry Bed & Breakfast:

We are the people you mentioned here in your blog. A couple of corrections: We are in Clear Lake, Wisconsin, which is about 50 miles north and east of the Minnesota/Wisconsin border town of Woodbury (part of the Twin Cities metroplex). We have Wally's Filling Station finished except for the gas pumps (we will have those pretty soon), and the courthouse is framed up and ready to sheetrock. Our '61 Ford is in the body shop being painted to be a black-and-white squad car, and life is good living in Mayberry in the Midwest! --Marsha

And I was graced by a missive from one of the producers of the ''Allo, 'Allo!'' reunion special that recently ran on BBC2:

I'm one of the producers on BBC2's 'Return of 'Allo 'Allo! which was very well recieved here in the UK by most of the press and the public as we beat ITV in the ratings which does not happen very often.

'The Return of ...' series is a series of one off reunions, each one unique and dependant on the original show. With 'Allo 'Allo! It can be confusing on paper but its a combination of reuniting the cast in costume in a copy of the orginal set infront of a studio audience with a five part documentary looking at the phenomenon. Jeremy Lloyd the original writer wrote a new half hour script but really it was all just an excuse to look back fondly at the series that has sold to more countries around the world than any other British sitcom. Yes the actors were older but the hugly warm welcome they got in the studio proved how huge this farcial sitcom was in its day. Here is a link written by the BBC during production if anyone is interested.

I also have started a blog just last night in fact and put a pic from the show on there. I will probably put some more on when I have time.


I suppose they were both engaging in one of the most popular guilty pleasures of the times: googling oneself. I should know - I do it all the time!

Toby OB

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