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My padiwan, Sean - known in the Annals of Iddiocy as as the legendary "Shoe Hand" - sent me this case he made for linking the latest episode of 'Doctor Who' to one of the best episodes from the Tom Baker era:

Now, we'll have to see what turns up next episode, and of course, 'Doctor Who' history has been very whatever-we-come-up-with-goes lately, but I think this new development with the Daleks in "Daleks in Manhattan" could be very interesting.

Obviously, this new evolution of the Daleks towards a more humanoid creature has its advantages and disadvantages for the race. On the one hand, they're bereft of their classic tank armour and seemingly weakened physically. But on the plus side, they may not be as acceptable to the downfalls of logic, as with their cold war with the Movellans.

Of course, it remains to be seen where the writers are taking this, but I think it would be very interesting if these new Daleks did survive and prosper, spreading out and perhaps retreating back in time through the ages to thrive, build an empire, and begin a history, eventually, apart from their ancient, non-humanoid ancestors.

Eventually, they may even, through the diffusion of time and changes in dialect and language, lose the name Dalek and come to be known as the Jagaroth, the race the Doctor once described as “a vicious, callous, warlike race whom the universe won't miss.”

A race we see in "City of Death", at the end of their history having wiped themselves out through war, 400 million years before their re-genesis in Manhattan.

A race whose last members finally die out trying to escape the primordial Earth on a damaged star ship in an explosion that releases enough energy to jump start cellular growth in a nearby pool of primordial soup leading to the development of complex life on Earth.

How ironic would it be that the Daleks would have a hand in the creation and technological development (through the meddling of the last of their kind, Scaroth, splintered in time through human history) of their arch nemesis, the Doctor's, favorite race.
- Sean

One thing I will add to Sean's theory is that when looking at a picture of the latest incarnation of a Dalek, as well as a picture of Scaroth, I think it's possible that the Jagaroth could be counted among the races of the Old Ones as mentioned by Lovecraft.

And the Dalek/human hybrids would be mistaken for them.....

See them both by clicking here:


Just sayin', is all....

Toby OB

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