Monday, April 23, 2007


Boris Yeltsin, the first freely elected president of Russia after the collapse of the Socialist Republic, died Monday. He was 76.

In Toobworld, he came to America in March of 1996 for a secret treaty signing and was the target of an international assassin code-named "Hemlock". But the plot was uncovered when the assassin mistakenly faxed his own plans to the JAG office in Washington, DC. And although he shot one of the JAG officers in the head to cover up his presence in retrieving that fax, she survived and he was hunted down by Harm (with a little help from Oliver North).

Needless to say, Yeltsin survived that "Day Of The Jackal"-like attempt on his life.

By the way, North's appearance in the episode links 'JAG' to 'Wings'.....

Toby OB

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