Tuesday, April 24, 2007


My newspaper has a Sunday TV magazine with a Q&A section that usually has at least one genealogical question. (The most famous/most often-seen question: "Are Maureen and Jean Stapleton related?" They're not.)

There was one this past Sunday that was at least different:

Is the actor who plays Agrippa on 'Rome' related to the actor who plays Patrick on 'Men In Trees'?

Well, they're not. Allen Leech is from Ireland and Derek Richardson is from Queensbury, NY, respectively.

Technically, that question wasn't of particular interest to the concerns of Toobworld. But it did spark an idea:

What if Agrippa and Patrick are related?

Lost in the countless generations of the past 2,000 years, there would be no definitive record of a direct line of descent from the televersion of an historical Roman figure to a purely fictional character in Alaska.

But that doesn't rule out the "pozz'bility".

We've seen stranger connections in 'Lost'....

Toby OB

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