Monday, March 19, 2007


On March 16th, 'Jeopardy' had its first three-way tie finale in the show's history, something that may not ever be repeated again.

It was no fluke as Scott Weiss, the champion at that point, worked out the calculations for the amount to bet so that all three of them would have to come back for a rematch on the next show.

At least that's the official story, which makes this Weiss guy look like a nice guy.

However.... The televisiologist in me sees a darker splainin......

The winning amount in the tie was $16,000.00. "16" is one of the numbers in the sequence that researchers at the Hanso Foundation believe inform and infuse everything in Life.

So it could be that the televersion of Scott Weiss is really an Other working for the Dharma Initiative!


The correct answer to the Final Jeopardy clue was "Who Was Bonnie Parker?"

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Your brain must hurt a lot.