Saturday, March 24, 2007


My friend and fellow "Iddiot", Brian-El, was excited to see a few of the props used for set dressing in this week's episode of 'Lost' ("The Man From Tallahassee"):

As you may know, I like pinball a lot. As you may know, I like the TV show 'Lost' a lot.

This week, those worlds collided. No, Stern has not announced a 'Lost' pinball machine (damnit--it's a great idea--are you reading, Gary?), but there were pinball machines on 'Lost'!

Without spoiling much for anyone who hasn't seen the episode, at one point there was a scene in a game room...and there were two pinball machines against the far wall. One of them, I'm pretty sure, was the classic"Cyclone". The other...I'll have to try to look at the tape closely. It looked kinda weird...maybe it wasn't a pinball machine at all, but something similar like a baseball game.

Anyway, there you have it...FWIW...

Brian L.

Anybody else notice what that second machine might have been in the rec room? (This was the room where Kate was being held prisoner.)

There's a great blog out there which always has plenty of pictures of the stuff you may not have noticed in 'Lost' episodes, even with multiple viewings. It's called "Lost Easter Eggs" and I highly recommend it.


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Brian Leonard said...

Thanks, Tobes! One o' my pinhead buddies was quick on the draw and told me it was a "Revenge From Mars"--one of the ill-fated "Pinball 2000" machines which combined pinball and 3-D video (which is why it looked weird) and was just about the death knell for the industry.

Brian L.