Friday, March 23, 2007


I was lucky enough to get a ride back to NYC with my brother, who's on his way to Gettysburg for a weekend meeting with the bigwigs of ALDHA (the Appalachian Long Distance Hikers' Association).

And waiting for me once I got here were the latest additions to the Toobworld DVD Library:

Ordered via
'The Wild, Wild West' Season 2 boxed set

Ordered via DVDPacific:
Classic Commercials (2 disk set)

'Studio One Presents - Suspense'(This features two episodes from the anthology series - "There Was A Crooked Man" with Robert Sterling and Charles Korvin; and "Two Sharp Knives" with Stanley Ridges.)

I'll be saving the WWW boxed set for my summer vacation, but the other two will be perfect viewing while at work!

Ordered via CPTV:
"Connecticut Collection"(Ten disks of TV specials from Connecticut's Public Broadcasting. I had to plunk down a bigass contribution, but it'll be worth it! And it works out just to 14 bucks a disk, really.)

'Legends: The Real Bob Steele, Mr. Kennedy Comes To Connecticut, Ella Grasso'
'Remember When...'
'You're On The Air! The Early Years of Connecticut Television'
'UConn Men's Basketball: An Illustrated History'
'Mark Twain's Neighborhood: Nook Farm'
'New England And The Civil War'
'Colt: Legend & Legacy'
'The Flood of '55'
'The Circus Fire'
'When Disaster Struck Connecticut'

Yes, it's true I wanted this set for the TV history of Connecticut (I might just show up in the one about 'The Ranger Andy Show'!), but also for my personal connections to the 1955 Flood (I was two months old when it ripped through my secondary hometown of Winsted.) and the Circus Fire (which my uncle/godfather survived).


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