Friday, March 23, 2007


Over at Alan Sepinwall's blog "What's Alan Watching?" (Link to the left, my friends!), two of the readers who commented noticed a possible link between this week's episode of 'Andy Barker, P.I.' and an episode of 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer':

Eric said...
I noticed a teeny-tiny Buffy shout-out in 'Andy Barker P.I.' - Guy's company was called "Doublemeat Industries" or something like that. Doublemeat Palace was a fast-food place where Buffy worked one season, and I would guess that the episode "Doublemeat Palace" was written by [Jane] Espenson.

Andrew Raff of the Buzz Rant & Rave blog responded...
I caught the Doublemeat reference and did take some time to check to see that indeed, Jane Espenson not only co-wrote "Fairway, my Lovely" but did also pen "Doublemeat Palace".

So here's how it would play out for Toobworld: Doublemeat Industries is the parent company that has as one of its subsidiaries, the Doublemeat Palace. This would tie the two shows together.

I saw the "Fairway, My Lovely" episode of 'Andy Barker, P.I.' but I don't remember if the correct title of the corporation was "Doublemeat Industries". Definitely "Doublemeat" anyway, so whatever the correct name was, it would still link with Doublemeat Palace.

Thanks to Eric and Andrew for picking up on that!


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