Sunday, January 28, 2007


It was another case of serendipiteevee....

After I defused those three Zonks from 'Veronica Mars', I decided to watch my tape of 'The Knights Of Prosperity'. I set it up after an episode of 'Brothers & Sisters' from before Christmas which I had not yet seen, so I decided to watch that first.

And during the episode, it was mentioned that the character of Holly Harper had been in the movie "Being There" and in 'Charlie's Angels', one of those shows I had de-Zonked for 'Veronica Mars'.

The first thing I did was to check the for Patricia Wettig's credits, to see if she had been involved with either production. If so, it would have qualified for an in-joke. But her career - at least, officially, - began after "Being There" was released.

I dismissed the Peter Sellers movie right off, as there was no reason to blend the movie universe with Toobworld to include it.

With 'Charlie's Angels', I couldn't just dismiss the reference as being about the movies since I accepted them as part of the TV Universe that same day.

So I decided to use this latest Zonk attempt to illustrate my splainin.

Nora Walker mentioned that she set her DVR to pick up "Holly Harper" appearances and she recorded her at 4 am in 'Charlie's Angels'. For in the real world, that could have meant either the TV series or the movies.

But for the denizens of Toobworld, it refers to the hyupothetical reality show that might have been made about Charlie Townsend's detective agency.

In that previous splainin about 'Charlie's Angels', I talked about the reality show as being filmed after the events of the second movie. But it could just as easily have happened prior to the first one, in those twenty plus years since the series ended.

The character of Madison Lee in the second movie proves that life went on for the Angels. The reality show could have been flimed back in the 1980s, and Holly Harper might have been a client caught up in that taping.

But wouldn't it be cool if Charlie had hired Holly for her skills as an actress to assist in some case back then, doing undercover work? And it was all caught on tape so that in 2006, Nora Walker finally saw it as part of a reality show called 'Charlie's Angels'.

Zonk averted. One less headache for Ojai Foods.


I never did watch that 'Knights Of Prosperity' episode.......

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