Sunday, January 28, 2007


One of the many ways in which the Television Universe differs greatly from that of the Trueniverse, our world of "reality":

Among the letters of recommendation solicited by 'Studio 60' producer Danny Tripp to impress the woman he wanted to woo was one from the Third Earl of Kent.

I'm no expert on the peerage, but here in the real world it looks like the title of "Third Earl Of Kent" was rendered "extinct" in 1407.

Apparently, the title is still in use today in Toobworld. If the Third Earl of Kent ever does show up on 'Studio 60', it would be nice to bring in another Sorkin alumni to play the role - Roger Rees, who was Lord John Marbury in 'The West Wing'. (And would it be too much to hope for that his name should be Clark?)

Or perhaps in Toobworld, the Third Earl of Kent is a hip-hop artist's stage name or some such. Maybe the name of an entire rock band.

Good thing 'Studio 60' doesn't take place in the sketch comedy dimension. Because then Jordan would have received a letter of recommendation from Lord and Lady Douchebag!


Ladies and gentlemen, the Third Earl of Kent has left the building!


Brent McKee said...

The last Earl of Kent was Prince Alfred who was usually referred to by the senior title Duke of Edinbrugh or his eventual German title Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, the second son of Queen Victoria. He died in 1900. The title of Earl of Kent would have passed to Prince Alfred's only son however the young man committed suicide in 1899.

The current "ruler" of Kent is Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, whose father was Prince George, fourth son of King George V, making him the Queen's cousin and the second Duke of Kent in the current line. Not exactly earth shaking stuff but it's the sort of thing that interests me

Anonymous said...

The preceding episode gave the Third Earl of Kent's name as Lord Dickinson.

So I'm guessing he was meant to be a fictional character?