Thursday, February 1, 2007


Talk show appearances, variety show hosting duties, and game show participations don't normally count towards one's body of work in the League of Themselves, unless there was something unbelievably astounding about it. At best, such appearances on TV as one's self can be used to flavor the tally as colorful anecdotes.

That's certainly what happened for Sienna Miller yesterday, when the actress used that most popular of words in the dictionary of colorful language, "the F-Bomb".

Miller was on 'Today', probably touting her upcoming movie "Factory Girl". The camera showed her in advance of her appearance, sitting near the window sill with the outside crowds behind her as the show prepped to go into a commercial break.

Miller squirmed a bit from the unexpected attention and then gave a weak little wave just as the camera faded to black. But just before all contact was lost, you can clearly hear her mutter that F-Bomb.

And we're out!

You can see it for yourself here.


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