Wednesday, November 8, 2006


Now that 'Lost' is winding down to a close with tonight's episode (Fear not! They'll be back February, 2007.), can we PLEASE stop using the cutesy name of "Benry" when referring to Ben Linus? He was using "Henry Gale" as an alias last year, but it's not his name and now that he's dropped it, we should drop any reference to it.

I swear I think commenters in various other online sites and blogs do this sort of thing to "mark their territory". It's right there in the Bible from the time of Adam - you name something, you have power over it. That's why I think some of these people are doing when they continue to use that stupid combination.

(Then again, I also hate Brangelina, Vaughniston, JAM (for Jim and Pam), TomKat, Bennifer I & II.......)

When 'Lost' returns in February of 2007, maybe Hurley should be the one slinging the new nicknames.

So how about a new name for ex-druggie Charlie?

Might I suggest "Swarley"?

Best of all, by using it in 'Lost', then it would trump its use on 'How I Met Your Mother' by at least two years!

Abbysinia, "Benry".


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