Friday, November 10, 2006


Check out this item by my crossover compadre, Thom Holbrook:

He mentions in the piece that when the name of Melville's restaurant was mentioned, little bells went off in his head, but he couldn't remember at first why it sounded important.

I had the opposite problem. I recognized its significance right away, but forgot all about it by the time the episode ended.

But that's the way it goes in this biz. Thom scoops me and I tip my non-Hat Squad hat to him.

But if David E. Kelley does someday put a "Poobala" reference in one of his shows, it sounds like I may have to tip my Hat Squad hat to Thom!



Anonymous said...

Did you know that Berlanti was the exec producer for both shows? That's probably why he used the name again.


Tele-Toby said...

You posted under the wrong story - this should be with the one about Rob Lowe.

But yeah, I did know that. In fact, when I sent the story in to David Bianculli for his occasional column on TV in-jokes, I mentioned that connection.

(from work)