Tuesday, November 7, 2006


"I bet nuns are awesome basketball players,
Especially the ones that can fly
Randy Hickey
'My Name Is Earl'

No mention is made of 'The Flying Nun', the ABC sitcom starring Sally Field. Therefore we can safely assume that Randy is talking about the "real" Sister Bertrille, who at 90 lbs. would become aireborne when the wind got hold of her cornet.

It's a long way between Camden County and San Tanco, so it's unlikely that Randy knew Sister Bertille personally. There are so many TV shows and magazines about human interest stories nowadays.

"Doonesbury" once did a story about some guy being profiled by People magazine because he was the only person left in L.A. who had not been profiled by them. Sooner or later one of those magazines would have done a story on Sister Bertrille, so that's how Randy must have known about her.

(And People magazine does indeed exist in Toobworld. It's part of the Glenn Howard publishing empire.)

Besides, even if there was a TV show, that's no problem either. Just like with the Singing Nun, the image and story of the Flying Nun would have been sold to TV, the movies, perhaps even to a cartoon network.

So Randy could have seen the "Flying Nun" on TV. And Sister Bertrille would have donated that money from selling her rights to help save the orphans raised by the Sisters of San Tanco.

As well as the many bastard offspring sired by Carlos Ramirez......

'My Name Is Earl'
'The Flying Nun'
'The Name Of The Game'


"I saw her kick a nun once...."
Charles Kuralt
'Murphy Brown'

"History is last month's 'People' magazine...."
Miles Drentell

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