Friday, November 24, 2006


When Dr. Gregory 'House' was arrested, he started calling out for "Gomer Pyle" from his jail cell. His arresting officer came in and informed him that the name he was probably searching for was "Barney Fife". House admitted that it was tough keeping track of the idiot icons.

Sounds pretty much like a Zonk to me. Maybe one or the other of the two characters could have known about Gomer and Barney from a trip to, even an extended stay in, Mayberry, North Carolina. But it would be hard to believe that both these New Jerseyans had not only made the trek down South, but that they both got to know these "idiot icons".

And referring to them as "idiot icons" doesn't bode well, either.

If anybody out there does have a cool splainin that would account for both 'House' and Detective Tritter knowing two characters from 'The Andy Griffith Show', please feel free to share them with us here.



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