Thursday, November 23, 2006


Sometimes the soul of one TV character can theoretically be reborn as another TV character in a different series. For example, it's the Toobworld position that 'Dharma & Greg' were the reincarnations of Ross and Demelza 'Poldark'. And the Tooniverse Samantha and Darrin Stephens in the opening credits of 'Bewitched' existed in the Stone Age as camping companions to 'The Flintstones'.

We've got a new possibility to consider, a TV character who exists in Toobworld today but who may be reborn in the 52nd Century.

Per Kristin of E! Online:

"The Todd is still gay, reports Robert Maschio about his character, who turns out to be something like the PepĂ© Le Pew of prime time. "I say the Todd is not homosexual, he's not bisexual, he's trisexual—because he's willing to try anything. Or ATM, anything that moves."

This sounds as good a description as any of Captain Jack Harkness, the former 52nd Century Time Agent who teamed up with the Ninth Incarnation of the Gallifreyan Time Lord known as the Doctor.

Here's the interesting hitch - if they do share the same soul, both the Toddster and Captain Jack are currently existing in the same time period. Jack is at present in charge of Torchwood, located in Cardiff, Wales.

However, it's not the Cardiff, Wales, of the main Toobworld. There have been too many discrepancies in both the new version of 'Doctor Who' and its spin-off 'Torchwood' to keep it in the same dimension as the first eight incarnations of the Doctor. (Someday I hope we can think of the Doctor as being back in the main Toobworld, but I get the feeling that we'll have to wait for RTD to abdicate his throne....)

So for the time being, if Todd and Captain Jack are spiritually one, there's no fear that they'll ever come in contact with each other.

Who knows what would happen if that ever took place!

Aside from them sleeping with each other, that is....


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