Saturday, April 1, 2006


While hanging out with the Brokeback Boys (Mark's from Wyoming, Michael's a human 'Mr. Ed'.), they showed me a couple of episodes of 'Absolutely Fabulous' so that I could catch up on the adventures of Patsy and Edina. (I last saw them in the "wrap-up" movie, "The Last Shout".)

One of these was a Christmas-themed episode with a guest appearance by Kate O'Mara.

And it reminded me of my idea about fanfic writers finding inspiration for crossover stories with pictures from unrelated sources. It occurred to me that they might make use of a particular frame grab from this episode.

At one point, Patsy Stone is in the hospital and she's visited by her evil sister as played by O'Mara.

Freeze frame!

For a lot of people like me, Kate O'Mara is best known as The Rani, one of the Doctor's best adversaries in 'Doctor Who'. And Joanna Lumley, who plays Patsy, played the "Ultimate Doctor" in "Curse Of Fatal Death", a sketch for a Comic Relief telethon.

So for Skitworld, a dimension of the TV Universe which comprises the comedy sketches from such shows as 'Laugh-In', 'Saturday Night Live', 'MAD-TV', and 'In Living Color', this screen capture could inspire a 'Doctor Who' fanfic writer to come up with a tale about the Doctor - now a woman - trapped in hospital and at the mercy of The Rani!

Just sayin' is all. I just toss the ideas out there; not my problem what others end up doing with them......


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