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(AP) -- Britt Lomond, who played the dastardly Capitan Monastario in the 1950s TV series "Zorro" and was a staple on other Western series including "Death Valley Days" and "Rawhide," has died. He was 80.

Lomond died of kidney failure at a Huntington Beach nursing home, according to Tyler St. Mark, his friend and former publicist.

Lomond later turned to directing and production work, but his fame stemmed from playing opposite Guy Williams' Zorro from 1957-58. A postage stamp depicting Lomond as Monastario was issued by the Netherlands in 2004.

"He has a huge following in Europe," his widow, Diane Lomond, told the Orange County Register. "It's amazing how something like that can live on."

"Chasing After Zorro" is the title of Lomond's 2004 memoir.

"The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp" (1955) TV Series .... Johnny Ringo (1960-1961)
"Zorro" .... Capt. Monastario (1957-1958)

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- The Journey (1960) TV Episode .... Haggerty
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- Moonquake! (1959) TV Episode
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- A Legend of Buffalo Bill (1959) TV Episode .... Buffalo Bill Cody
"Death Valley Days"
- A Piano Goes West (1959) TV Episode
- Faro Bill's Layout (1956) TV Episode .... Faro Bill
"26 Men"
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"Disneyland" . - The Saga of Andy Burnett: Andy's Love Affair (1957) TV Episode .... Captain Paco Reyes
- Test of Courage (1957) TV Episode .... Lieutenant Poole
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- A Day for a Stingray (1956) TV Episode .... Lieutenant Fraser
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"The Count of Monte Cristo"
- Victor Hugo (1956) TV Episode .... De Crissac

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