Wednesday, March 29, 2006


On the season finale of 'Monk', Adrian Monk found himself stuck on jury duty. Among his fellow members of the jury were the following actors:

VAN EPPERSON - Postal Worker Juror
KEVIN BERNTSON - Sports Fan Juror
CARLEASE BURKE - Teacher Juror
BRYAN COFFEE - Sneezing Juror
KIMI REICHENBERG - Pierced Girl Juror
BONITA FRIEDRICY - Housewife Juror

Should any of these actors ever appear again in a TV series set in San Francisco (or if they already did), then we might be able to claim that they are playing the same characters they played on that jury, since none of them were known by more than their description or at best, by their seating number.

Some of the above jurors seem to have very specific identities - "Teacher Juror", "Postal Worker Juror", "Ex-Marine". But a character's occupation or background history, especially among the lesser supporting cast, is rarely mentioned. And even then, splainins can be found: for example, I'm sure there are plenty of teachers who have to moonlight in a second job because of the notorious low pay in their chosen profession.

At any rate, by remaining nameless these characters may one day provide the trivial links needed to connect 'Monk' to shows like the current ABC offering 'The Evidence', as well as to past series like 'Killer Instinct', 'Midnight Caller', or maybe even as far back as to 'The Streets Of San Francisco'!



Kimi said...

Im Kimi who played juror 6. I came across your site the other day. What do you think about that episode. How about the scene where Im gagged. Believe it or not that was the funnest part of the whole episode

Toby said...

I think everybody probably loved that scene the most since we all thought Monk would use the knife to start freeing you all.

But noooo... he was too obsessed with the window blind!

Kimi, if you check back here, let us all know if you think any other character you've played could be considered the same character as Juror #6, okay?