Thursday, March 30, 2006


The folks behind 'Doctor Who' have coined a new term - "Tardisodes".

This refers to one-minute mini-dramas, "like little prequels to the episode playing that week." As can be expected with this growing trend, these "Tardisodes" will be available for download to mobile phones "a few days" ahead of each episode of 'Doctor Who', which broadcasts on Saturday nights over in the U.K. They will also be made available on the official website.

The production team was also responsible for the interactive adventure 'Attack of the Graske': Gareth Roberts (writer), Ashley Way (director), Sophie Fante (producer), Simon Winsone (editor), Edward Thomas (designer) and The Mill will be providing the special effects.

The "Tardisodes" will not feature David Tennant or Billie Piper, as the actors have been too busy, but Roberts claims that it's okay, because this way, they can expand the particular corner of the universe which they're exploring.

Simon Winstone mentioned that they will "show you something you wouldn't have seen otherwise … An element of back story. Some are live action… We didn't want these to be previews … They're part of the show's world".

Gareth Roberts sees them as pre-credits sequences, and as examples of "what Tardisodes might present", he suggested:

a computer graphic of a Cyberman being formed
Jackie talking to camera
an excerpt from a TV show

He also mentioned that the "Tardisode" for "The Girl in the Fireplace" will "follow suit" in being "very scary".

Luckily for those of us in other TV markets, Winstone also suggested that they will probably be included on a DVD release.

There's just something goofy about that word, "Tardisodes". It just makes me think of neat little packages of turds all shrink-wrapped.

But at least it's not as bad as that word coined by Dick Wolf to describe his latest attempt to cash in on his 'Law & Order' world, 'Conviction'....


Ugh. If that doesn't make you want to rinse out your mouth with vinegar......


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