Monday, March 13, 2006


With the lamentable litany of classic TV actors who passed away at the beginning of the month, it completely slipped my mind to announce the latest induction into the TV Crossover Hall of Fame.

As we're celebrating the original show in the 'Law & Order' franchise all year, the month of March has been chosen to celebrate the entry of Captain Donald Cragen into the lineup.

But as I'm also still in a stealth, hit-and-run mode as to computer use, I must be concise with the introductions for the induction. So here's a quick recap of the good Captain's career:

Donald Cragen is Irish Catholic, and a recovering alcoholic (not that the two necessarily go together.)

He's married to Marge, a flight attendant and he has a child, who by the fifth season of the series was 13 years old. Whether or not this child (boy or girl?) has Marge as a mother is unknown.)

Before he became captain at the 2-7, Cragen was partnered with Max Greevey.

Cragen left the precinct to lead the NYPD's Anti-Corruption Task Force and is currently the Captain of the Special Victims Unit.

Toobworld Facts: Cragen likes to use the word "freaking" a lot. He also likes to answer the phone by yelling "What!?!" into the receiver.

Toobworld theory: Being so fond of the word "bupkes!", it could be that he learned it from a hit song written by Rob Petrie and Sticks Mandelay in 'The Dick Van Dyke Show'.

And apparently, he wouldn't mind getting a little on the side. Otherwise why so many fond wishes for a girl-friend?

"And I'd like a girlfriend named Mimi..."
"And I'd like a girlfriend named Lola..."
"And I'd like a girlfriend named Trixie..."


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