Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Maureen Stapleton, who created a gallery of pugnacious, sometimes profane but always vulnerable heroines on Broadway, in films and on television and who won an Academy Award for her fiery performance as the anarchist Emma Goldman in "Reds," died yesterday at her home in Lenox, Mass. She was 80.

Ms. Stapleton had one of the most honored acting careers of her generation. Her Academy Award for "Reds," Warren Beatty's 1981 epic about the Russian Revolution, came on her fourth Oscar nomination. She also won two Tony Awards and an Emmy among many nominations.

When NBC was adamant about producing a sequel to 'Columbo' when Peter Falk was ready to pack it in, and that they wanted it to be about Mrs. Columbo, Levinson & Linke (the producers) reluctantly agreed, suggesting Maureen Stapleton for the role. (My idea: Sada Thomson.)

When NBC said they wanted someone young and glamorous, L&L balked and walked.

I think she had to be part of the most asked question in all those "TV Key Mailbag" type of Q&A columns in the paper dealing with TV:

"Are Maureen Stapleton and Jean Stapleton related?"

The answer is no, by the way. Stop asking.


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