Saturday, March 18, 2006


As far as I'm concerned, all TV shows are already a part of Toobworld. It's just a matter of finding the link to make it "official".

'City Of Angels' premiered in 1976, starring Wayne Rogers as private eye Jake Axminster in 1934 Los Angeles. And both in Toobworld's timeline as well as the chronology of the Trueniverse, 'City Of Angels' may have been first to use a particular bit o' TV trivia which, in its way, had its own TV show!

Near the beginning of the three-part pilot episode, "The November Plan", Jake saw his client's face plastered on the front page of the Los Angeles Tribune with the header: "ACTRESS SOUGHT". This is the same newspaper where 'Lou Grant' went to work after he was fired from WJM in Minneapolis on the final episode of 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show'.

It was also seen in the pilot episode of the second incarnation of 'Burke's Law' as well as in the unsold pilot for 'Lookwell!'.

I know there are other instances in which it's appeared - after all, it got inducted into the Crossover Hall of Fame! - but without access to my files right now, I can't look up the details.


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