Thursday, January 19, 2006


Nina Tessler, the President of the CBS Entertainment division, announced some of the projects that were in development for next season; projects that would break the network away from their image as the home of the police procedurals, even though those shows have been quite successfule for the Eye.

Among the projects she mentioned was 'Jericho'. It's the story about a small town that one day witnesses a mushroom cloud over Denver. It sounds to me as if this would be the CBS attempt to land themselves a show similar in feel to ABC's 'Lost'.

I'm quite excited by the premise, and am already wondering if it could be kept situated on Earth Prime-Time; will it have to be moved to an alternate dimension, and whether or not there is a town already in existence called Jericho, Colorado.

I think I've got some googlin' ahead of me today....


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