Thursday, January 19, 2006


Fellow Iddiot Fred the Planeteer wrote to me this morning:

Here's a guy who had developed his own "unified theory" - a Lost cracker of sorts:

Two points within the theory are probably invalid - his assumptions about Mr. Eko were rendered obsolete by last week's episode, and the producers have said that there would be no aliens involved.

But then again, they have said other things in the past which turned out to be untrue.....


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WordsSayNothing said...

Alien involvement in a show like Lost just seems like too lame of an explanation. Then again, I also think Ana Lucia is a rather lame character, and they keep her around, so what do I know?

But thanks for the link. The theory seems to be a good one. Also, it alerted me to the fact that the DeGroots are likely among the Others/Researchers/Walt kidnappers.