Thursday, December 1, 2005


Leading up to the last two episodes of 'Las Vegas', the show's creator (Gary Scott Thompson) said there would be a death which would be a "Rosalind Shays elevator" moment. He was referring to the death of a powerful shark of a lawyer who fell down an elevator shaft on 'L.A. Law' back in 1991.

And he was right! As already mentioned here in the Inner Toob, Monica Mancuso was up on the roof of the Montecito, gesturing wildly in her billowing dress as she argued with Danny. Suddenly a gust of wind "filled her sails" and scooped her up. For mroe than a mile she "flew" over Sin City until she finally plummeted to her death.

(Ironically, the Montecito was hosting a comic book convention where a couple of nerds thought Ms. Mancuso resembled a superhero named Mothwoman. Wearing that voluminous caftan and being such a physical light-weight, it's almost as if she was pre-destined to bring that image to life... so to speak.)

It was certainly one of the best death scenes in the history of Toobworld, worthy of the comparison to the macabre imaginations of Alfred Hitchcock as well as David E. Kelley (who came up with the elevator execution of Rosalind Shays in that 'L.A. Law' episode, "Good To The Last Drop".)

Maybe it lacked something in the technical details - the rear projection on the green screen, or the position of Lara Flynn Boyle's twiggish limbs due to the use of wires. But the actual premise can't be faulted for believability, because this is Toobworld; where all TV shows are connected, even if many of those links can't be proven just yet.

And this fantasy world established nearly forty years ago that a woman of a certain build and weight could be aerodynamically capable of flight, depending on clothing particulars.

If you don't believe me, ask Sister Bertrille at the Convent of San Tanco down in Puerto Rico. If she's still there, of course. She may have returned to California to be closer to her identical cousin, Gidget Lawrence.

('Las Vegas', 'The Flying Nun', 'Gidget')


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