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"This may be the first alien born on Earth."
Dr. Molly Caffrey

'Threshold' as a series has been cancelled (and I'll have some ruminations on that sometime soon), but maybe it would have survived had Threshold the project within the TV Universe had somebody else in charge. Because obviously, Dr. Caffrey had not been doing her homework when it came to aliens on Earth.

Luckily it wasn't as bad as having Michael Brown in charge of FEMA or Maxwell Smart in charge of CONTROL, but still!

Granted, many of the aliens born on Earth escaped detection by the authorities and were kept secreted away by their families. Mainly, this was because those children were hybrids, results of human-alien fertilization. But there were others that had to have come to the attention of the authorities.

Those that would have been known to the government included:

"The Children Of Spider County" - who were five young scientists, born in the same county on the same day. They were the offspring of an alien and were taken by their "father" back to his planet. (from 'The Outer Limits', original series. There are probably several other cases of alien offspring to be found in the remake of the late 1990s.)

Vesna Francisco - When the Tenctonese landed on Earth back in 1995, there was no way to hide that fact from the whole world. After the Kanamit fiasco of the early 1960s ('The Twilight Zone' - "To Serve Man'), the government and the general populace were wary of strange visitors from another planet.

But the "slags" were integrated into society and records were kept. So when Susan Francisco conceived Vesna with her husband George (and with an assist from Albert Einstein who served as the Binnaum), and George carried the baby to term in his marsupial-like pouch, there was no way that was not going to go unnoticed. Especially since George was a detective in the LAPD, and his partner Matt Sykes helped deliver the baby. (from 'Alien Nation')

And then there were those alien/human hybrids that escaped notice because nobody knew the father (It never seems to be a mother.) was an alien.

Mearth - son of Mork from Ork and Mindy McConnell of Colorado. He was hatched from an egg looking like an old man. (Orkans age backwards) Because of this, Mindy had a hard time relating to him as her son. It didn't help matters that Mearth called her "shoe". (from 'Mork & Mindy')

Evie Garland - the daughter of Donna Froelich and an Anterian named Troy Ethel Garland, she began to manifest her powers upon reaching her 13th birthday. These powers included the ability to stop time, teleportation, and gleeping - which was the ability to rearrange molecular structure. (from 'Out Of This World')

Scott Hayden - son of Jenny Hayden and a galactic mapmaker who had taken the form of Jenny's late husband. Upon his return to Earth, the alien now assumed the form of a deceased photographer named Paul Forrester so that he could help his son locate his missing mom. (from 'Starman' - both the movie and the TV series)

Eric Travis (ET) Dubcek - son of Vicki Dubcek and the Big Giant Head (aka Stone Philips) who was the supreme commander of the alien race from which the "Solomons" came. Apparently, in their original forms the aliens look like gelatin molds, but ET Dubcek was human in form. This suggests that the human genome - while supremely adaptable to add in alien DNA, - is dominant when it comes to physical form. (from '3rd Rock From The Sun')

Ollie & Cassie Sunday - son and daughter of George Sunday and Janet Dawkins. She was a nurse from the UK who accidentally fell into the Grand Canyon and was rescued by the superhero Thermoman. AKA George Sunday, Thermoman was a thick-headed dolt from the planet Ultron. Janet fell in love with George and their children were "blessed" with powers of their own. (from 'My Hero')

A pure-blooded alien child born on Earth before Vesna Francisco was Connie Conehead, daughter of stranded Remulackians Beldarr and Prymaat Conehead. She sprang from the cranial cone of Prymaat in such a way as to suggest that perhaps the mythology surrounding the birth of Athena might have had its origins from an earlier visitation by Coneheads. ('Saturday Night Live', 'Coneheads' the cartoon special, and "The Coneheads" feature length movie)

There are two children I am not including in this list because there would have been no way for Dr. Caffrey to have known about them. It's my contention that the mini-series 'V' and 'V - The Series' took place on an alternate Earth Prime-Time, possibly the evil mirror dimension.

Had the Earthlings of the main Toobworld experienced their invasion, the 'Threshold' project would have been up and running long ago and the FBI agents working on 'The X-Files' would never have had so much trouble bringing their investigations to light for public scrutiny.

But as I mentioned earlier, after experiencing the Kanamit encounter, Earthlings were a bit more wary about dealing with aliens - especially those with a taste for human flesh.

So the children of Robin Maxwell and a young "Visitor" - the lizard-like creature that died at birth and its twin who grew up to be the human-like Elizabeth Maxwell (albeit with strange powers) - would have been known to the authorities. And thus Dr. Caffrey should have known about them.

Those are just a few examples, from the top of my head - but not in a Remulackian sense. If you think of any more, feel free to add them in the comments section.


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Adric R'Bourne said...

Molly wouldn't have known this unless she talked to Arthur Dent, but the first alien birth would have been back during the caveman days. In fact, the whole human race is descended from aliens - the Golgafrinchan phone sanitizers as seen in the last episode of the TV version of "The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy".