Wednesday, November 30, 2005


It must be nice to be able to watch a TV show, commercials included, and not have a thousand and one weird ideas pop into your head about the meaning of it all in some alternate dimension. Sometimes I wonder if I was ever able to watch a TV show like the so-called normal people do......

Basically, Toobworld is a fantasy universe in much the same way Middle-Earth is, or Narnia. And like them, Toobworld also has elves, and satyrs, and dwarves, and talking trees, and witch-queens. Plus lions and dragons and bears who use Charmin tissue.

Oh my.

But Toobworld is a far scarier place.

You probably find that hard to believe. You watch Mary Richards throw her hat up in the air and wish you had the courage to do the same thing. Maybe when you were younger, you were tempted to ask your grandmother if she could come back as a car when she died.

But let's say you're out in the woods, probably walking along the Appalachian Trail. And there's a guy out there by the side of the trail, sitting on a log near his tent.

And he looks at you as you pass by and just says,

"You know? I've got genital herpes."

It's the serlinguists, those people who talk to the camera, who would scare the crap out of me if I lived in the TV Universe......

I'm just sayin', is all. Just an o'bservation while watching my tape of 'Bones'.....


"You see what I mean, Mr. Grant?
It's a lousy, lousy world"
Mary Richards
'The Mary Tyler Moore Show'

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