Thursday, October 20, 2005


"Wish-Craft" is a term coined for a TV show which I have purloined for my own uses, as I did with "The Hat Squad" and "Zonk!". In this case, it was toddler Tabitha's attempt to say the word "witchcraft".

For my purposes, it's the perfect word to describe those crossovers which I would love to see.

'Entourage' finished up its sophomore season over the summer on HBO, with Vince Chase signed to star in James Cameron's production of 'Aquaman'.

I suppose Cameron, as "King of the World", would prefer to control all facets of the production himself. And that would mean being the movie's executive producer as well. But in my dream storyline, uber-producer Peter Dragon would be brought in to oversee the movie to completion.

As seen in 'Action', which unfortunately had only a brief life on FOX, Dragon is the master at injecting high-octane life into overblown epics. So "Aquaman" might be just up his alley. Or right under his hull. Whatever floats his boat.

Up to now, Vince's manager, old high school buddy Eric, has been able to hold his own in staving off the aggressive verbal onslaught from Vince's agent Ari. But how long could "E" last if he was getting trash talk tag-teamed by both Ari and Peter? The "Gold-Dragon" team (and what a great name for them if they incorporated!) would reduce the former pizza boy to a puddle of warm goo, the consistency of melted mozzarella.

The crossover need not be extended over anything longer than just a one-shot; just one scene. And despite the fact that there were other actors in the main cast of 'Action', you would only need Jay Mohr as Peter Dragon. (Not that Buddy Hackett as Peter's Uncle would have been available, sad to say.)

Think of it: Jay Mohr and Jeremy Piven as Peter and Ari; together again for the first time.

Like Gibby Fisk once said on 'Dream On', you could cut glass with my nipples I'm so excited by the idea!

Yeah.... more than you needed to know........


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Anonymous said...

Hi Toby, As far as waters edge shows with impending doom are concerned, there are similarities between "Lost" and the show that follows it: "Invasion". There are also noticeable similarities between these two shows on the one hand, and "Surface" as well as perhaps, "Threshold"
on the other paw.
Take care,