Thursday, October 20, 2005


This will have to rise to the top of the charts for TV bloopers, news division.

NBC reporter Michelle Kosinski was covering the story about the New Jersey floods for 'Today', so to make it a great visual, she went out into the "deeps" of Wayne Street in a canoe.

And it must have been quite difficult to maneuver in the currents because she complained, "It's really tough to control a canoe or a boat when you're out in it."

Well, as it turned out, she was really out of it, because as soon as she said that, two guys walked right in front of her - proving that the water was only ankle deep.

As Randy Hickey would say on 'My Name Is Earl': "Oh, no, you di'ent!"

Matt Lauer and Katie Couric broke up in hysterics back in the studio because her ruse was found out. Matt sniped, "Are these holy men perhaps, walking on top of the water?"

For all the effects you can accomplish in Toobworld with computer wizardry, sometimes you just can't beat Real Life with a stick.


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