Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Here's a quickie....

"I wasn't soddin' off to the Black Rock on the bloody A-Team mission,
But I could have!"
Charlie Pace

When Charlie mentioned the A-Team in his tirade to Locke, he wasn't talking about the TV show. The A-Team by 2005 were widely known, legends even, righting wrongs across the country while they were being pursued by the government for a crime they didn't commit.

Whether or not they're still wanted, or if they're being forced to work for the government to avoid execution, I don't know. Only a TV-movie could resolve that, I suppose; but that's not about to happen with George Peppard dead. (And a big screen version doesn't count!)

But in the meantime, they were known to the general public of Toobworld, so there was no Zonk! by Charlie.


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