Thursday, September 1, 2005


On Thursday's 'Situation Room' on CNN, Jack Cafferty brought up the "elephant in the room" did so today - that the people who were struck hardest were the poor blacks. All we see are poor blacks on rooftops, in the Superdome, etc. The system failed them because there was no method of evacuation provided them - they didn't own cars, they were too sick to move, etc.

(Cafferty referred viewers to Jack Shafer's article on "Race, Press, And The Hurricane" in

And then Wolf Blitzer says, "We see image after image of these people who are so poor and so black....."

How black do you have to be?

Just sayin', is all......

God help all of those people still trapped in there, and for those who have been lost, Red Skelton said it best:

"May God bless."


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