Monday, August 29, 2005


I noticed in the opening credits for the premiere of 'Rome' on HBO that Jeff Beal wrote the theme music.

Jeff Beal also wrote the theme music for 'Monk' during its first season. It was wonderful. Won an Emmy.

And when the show became a hit, the music was jettisoned for a dopey Randy Newman tune.

Jeff Beal should keep his eyes on any tunesmiths with a lean and hungry look; someone who might cry out "Speak hands for me!" before tinkling the ivories to create a new theme for 'Rome'......

Just sayin' is all.......


"That lost chord they keep looking for, you know?
It's not lost; I got it."
Buzz Murdock
'Route 66'


Colette and dave said...

Hi Toby. This lost chord they keep looking for, you know?It's not lost; The Moody Blues got it, not Buzz Murdock.
Colette and Dave faithful readers of Toob'sworld

Toby said...

LOL! As a matter of fact, you tipped the balance when I was looking for a TV music quote to end that article.

I'm always happy to see my Iddiot brethren from the Idiot's Delight Digest visit my home away from home.

Thanks for checking in!