Monday, August 29, 2005


I visit so many TV news and gossip sites, that I sometimes lose track of where I find some of my information... information... information....

But I think this came from Michael Ausiello's column of scoop at TV Guide online.....

Apparently, Dr. Greg House's parents will be showing up this season in an episode of 'House'. Whoever reported the item, they suggested Jim Broadbent and Linda Thorsen. To me, that's faulty reasoning influenced by the fact that Hugh Laurie is British. But the character of Dr. House is an American.

I once suggested in this blog that House should be the illegitimate son of Dr. Mark Sloan of 'Diagnosis Murder'. But that was pure wish-craft on my part, and even one as disconnected from Reality as I am knows that would never come about.

So here's my candidate for the position of paterfamilias: Patrick McGoohan.

Similar in build, with the square, chiseled features, and capable of an acerbic attitude, McGoohan's mere presence would speak volumes in splainin House's own personality.

As for Mommy Dearest, how about Piper Laurie - and only as I wrote that did I realize they shared the same surname. I was thinking of her because of her steely bitch of a role in 'Twin Peaks' fifteen years ago. Only such a woman would be able to hold her own in the House home.

But if Mama House is supposed to be living in the shadow of her husband, consider Ms. Laurie's performance in "The Faculty" - somewhat mousey, but with surprising wells of strength, even ferocity when needed.

Well, I'm sure the casting decisions have already been made. But whomever they picked, I just hope they satisfy the demands of tele-genetics - I need to believe Greg House sprang from their combined chromosomes.

Ewwww..... It's bad enough thinking about my own parents doing the deed; I don't want to consider his parents making the Beast with Two Backs!


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