Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Boy, was I thrown into a funk when TVTome was gobbled up by TV.com and replaced with their own version of episode guides. I had my problems with TVTome at times, but it loaded relatively quickly; it was simple to navigate; and most importantly in my "declining wonder years", it was easy to read.

It was depressing to think that TV.com were cornering the market on episode guides. Even my first choice to visit, epguides.com, seemed to be deferring to them when it came to the addition of new episode guides.

But thanks to a recent notice by TVSquad.com, I've got a new go-to site for all the info I'll need: TV IV WIKI.


It's set up like Wikipedia, that amazing site which has info on EVERYTHING. This new site has been around for only a few months, but it already has over 1100 pages of information... information... information.....

I'll continue to carry TVTome/TV.com in my links to the left, but you'll find TV IV WIKI perched higher in preference.

Check them out. You might find yourself lost in their site for quite a while!


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