Friday, July 1, 2005


I spent the day at the Museum of Television & Radio with no real objective in mind, just looking for the chance to explore their library.

I did look up what they had for both Paul Winchell and John Fiedler, and chose "Death Of A Fruitman", an episode from 'The Bob Newhart Show'. It dealt with Mr. Giannelli's death by zucchini and was one of my fave episodes of that series. As for Paul Winchell, nothing struck my fancy although I might check out the one episode they have of his old show with Jerry Mahoney some day.

Instead, I picked three of the four episodes they have of 'Doctor Who' - one each for William Hartnell ("The War Machines" Part One), Tom Baker ("Robot" Part One), and Peter Davison ("The Visitation" Part One).

They also had a Colin Baker episode dealing with the Cybermen. But as I was only allowed four choices, and I did want to hear that great poem about Dr. Hartley one more time, I had to put that one aside. (Nothing personal, Colin!)

I also stopped off at my favorite DVD bootleg location in Midtown (Sorry, not telling!) and picked up four new additions to the Library of Toobworld Central:

'The Scarecrow Of Romney Marsh' - the Disney mini-series starring Patrick McGoohan.

I'm a big fan of both Patrick McGoohan and "The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen", so how could I resist?

'Sherlock Holmes In New York' - starring Roger Moore, Patrick Macnee, and John Huston

I'm more of a fan of Holmesian pastiches than the original canon; I suppose that makes me a heretic. (I became a Sherlockian with "The Seven Per Cent Solution".)

And it doesn't matter if this can fit into the official timeline or not - Toobworld has plenty of alternate dimensions where this version of the Legend can find a home.

'Dr. Cook's Garden' - a movie of the week starring Bing Crosby, Frank Converse, and Blythe Danner.

It's based on a Broadway play by Ira Levin ("The Stepford Wives", "The Boys From Brazil") which featured Burl Ives and Keir Dullea. I remember seeing it back in the early seventies and being really fascinated with it: a combination of the suspense, the shock ending, and a radical role for Der Bingle.

I'm curious to see now if it will hold up.

And finally.....

"Unsold TV Pilots 4" - the classic 'Lookwell' with Adam West, and 'Poochinsky' with Peter Boyle

I saw 'Lookwell' on Trio and was totally confused as to why it had such an underground fan following. But it linked in to 'Lou Grant', so what did I care?

As for 'Poochinsky', I did see that when it got burned off in a pilot showcase years ago. Sure, it's crap. But it supports my Toobworld claim as to why dogs can talk on TV - they are reincarnated humans.

Besides, I have a friend who's an ADA here in Manhattan. And he has this thing about talking dogs on TV. I don't know if it's an obsession, a fear, or an acid flashback, but I can't wait to subject him to this!

Yeah, I'm a baaaad boy.


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