Monday, June 27, 2005


Sooner or later the time will come for the 'Star Trek' series to rejuvenate itself. So it's never to early to begin speculation on who would make an excellent crewmember on the new Away Team.

Over on one of the many boards for 'Lost', "R-Bro" had this observation about the finale and one of its main actors.......

Matthew Fox is one of those actors who can do more not saying a word (like when Sawyer told him about the conversation with his father) than some can reciting lines of Shakespeare. My wife made the excellent observation that he should sit in the captain's chair in the next 'Star Trek' series, whatever it may be. He's pretty much captain of the island; just imagine what he could do with a starship! :)

Posted at 8:24 AM ET on May 19, 2005 by R-Bro

Since everybody on 'Lost' is vulnerable to being written off at any point, and since the character of Jack (which Fox plays) wasn't even supposed to make it out of the pilot episode alive, maybe Mr. Fox should be ready to pursue such an option.....


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WordsSayNothing said...

I'm not familiar with Lost (yeah, I'm the one), so I don't know Matthew Fox too well. I will just say that his acting and giving powerful looks will only go as far as the writing and the directing of the next Trek will allow it to go. In other words, what's the use in having a good actor if the writer and director can't match him/her in quality?