Monday, June 27, 2005


Since we've entered the pool party season, I thought I'd mention a new member of the League of Themselves who made a big splash near the end of the TV season.

"The O.C." welcomed an O.G. — Atlanta's own rap artist T.I. filmed a guest role on the hit teen drama.

Tip didn't really have to rely on his acting chops, though: He appeared as himself in a concert scene and performed "Bring Em Out."

"It's a re-enactment of spring break," he said from the set of the show. "It's a pool-party vibe and I perform at the pool party. It's a lot of extras in bikinis sitting around the pool, a lot of exotic women, the beach, rich white cats kicking it. Everybody's real cool. Everybody was showing love."

Sorry about the "splash" pun. Actually, no. I'm not. I have no shame.


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