Tuesday, June 28, 2005


My hometown of Meriden, Connecticut, gets a little more Toobworld exposure for itself beginning next Monday night on the Sundance Channel.

"Hamburger America" is a documentary which celebrates our favorite fast food sandwich. And Ted's in Meriden is featured for its steamed burgers topped with a molten goo of their "secret cheese". (Rest assured, Readers, should you find yourself in the Silver City and wish to sample their fare - it won't make your nose bleed like the secret stuff from Royston Vasey!)

My hometown has a connection to the great hub of the TV Universe, 'St. Elsewhere'. Meriden was the last reported location where the son of Dr. Paulette Kiem had been spotted after he bolted Choate to hitch-hike his way to Boston.

Meriden's other Toobworld prominence is more from the reality genre in a way, as it is the home base for Connecticut's forensic labs which are headed by Dr. Henry Lee. (And aside from his own reality series, Dr. Lee has a tele-version to be found in the TV movie about the OJ Simpson case.)

If you want to find Meriden on a map, I'd like to suggest the map to be found on the back of Donald Fagen's album "Kamakiriad". (A little bit o' multi-verse cross-promotion there.....)

And if you want to learn more about "Hamburger America", here's the URL for their website:


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