Monday, July 11, 2005


Building on that idea about comedy sketches being linked to other TV shows, I'd like to see Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders appear on Ricky Gervais' new show 'Extras'.

But not as themselves! Rather I'd like to see them appear as those "atmosphere people" extras they played in a 'French & Saunders' sketch about working on the TV show 'Doctor Who'.

(Their characters were acting as a couple of lizardly vegetation creatures who were guards in a Gallifreyan courtroom. And they were screwing up the scene right and left and in all relative dimensions.)

Sure, it's a Zonk! that plays hob with the position of 'Doctor Who' in the TV Universe. But I was already screwed over by the original version of 'Queer As Folk' when it comes to the Time Lord.

But in a nice way.

As for other TV shows that grew out of comedy sketches, Hugh Davis has alerted me to the sitcom 'Hee Haw Honeys'. This was a spin-off from the long-running cornpone variety show 'Hee Haw'.

So I did some research in my various TV encyclopediae and online, and I came to only one conclusion.

I'm never going to forgive Hugh for this........ Bwahahahaha!


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