Monday, July 11, 2005


Looks to be the day for some Quick Hits as I clean out a lot of little items I've been stumbling across lately.

But first, here's an email from my Uncle Aksel, regarding that Sundance Channel documentary, "Hamburger America". As I mentioned about two weeks ago, my hometown of Meriden, Connecticut, was going to be featured - thanks to the steamed cheeseburgers at Ted's Lunch.

Uncle Axe came out from under his hurricane shelter long enough to write about it.....

As we do not get the channel to see this show . . . look to see if they give any credit to the fact that these hamburgers were originally sold at the old Meriden Diner in uptown Meriden.

When the diner was closed Ted, who worked at the Meriden Diner opened up Ted's on No. Broad St. Another cook from the diner worked for him (Whitey}.

Also Tryon's Lunch Box on E. Main St. sold them; the owner had also worked at the Meriden Diner.

Well, I taped the show, but have yet to actually sit through it. Hey, I'm too busy writing about Televisoin to actually WATCH it!

Besides... it would probably make me hungry. I'm easily swayed.


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