Monday, July 11, 2005


'The Scorned' is a supernatural horror flick whose cast is made up of former members of various "reality" TV shows.

And as they film the movie, other camera crews are following each of them around so that a "reality" TV show can be culled from the footage.

'Kill Reality' will be shown on E! starting at the end of July.

Among the cast are Jenna Lewis ('Survivor: Borneo') and Stephen Hill ('The Real World: Las Vegas') as the leads; with Johnny Fairplay of 'Survivor: Pearl Islands' and Ethan Zorn, who won on 'Survivor: Africa'.

Zorn is playing a crazy, homeless psychic whose name is Jon Murray... the same name as the creator of 'The Real World'. The movie will be filled with hundreds of similar in-jokes in connection to the various "reality" shows that have aired over the past six years or so.

Trying to catch all of them should prove a headache for TV critic David Bianculli, who revels in catching such in-jokes, which he calls "Extras".


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