Monday, July 11, 2005


Speaking of 'Extras'......

Madonna will be adding to her League of Themselves credits by appearing in the second series of 'Extras', Ricky Gervais' new sitcom about life behind the camera for those "Atmosphere People" on movie locations.

Among those who will be seen on the first series when it premieres on the BBC July 21st are Ben Stiller, Kate Winslet, Samuel L. Jackson, and Patrick Stewart.

Madonna has been quoted that the highlight of her day at the Live 8 concert in London on July 2nd was that she got to meet her "favorite, favorite, favorite comedian in the whole world, Ricky Gervais."

She told him that she would sweep his floor for him if he would "employ me in such a fashion".

So that's what they call it now over there. Ah, those plucky Brit euphemisms!

Gervais should have held out until she offered to get down on her knees... and mopped the floor as well.


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