Monday, April 11, 2005


The new version of 'Little House On The Prairie' has to be considered as being based on historical record. As it's based on the life of the book's author, Laura Ingalls Wilder, it has to be.

And that means it would be set during the same time period in history - whether it be Real Time or Prime Time, - as all of the other versions of the story. But it is being trundled off to the world of Earth Prime Time-Delay anyway; because the version from the 1970s not only beat it to the punch but is more firmly entrenched in the memories of those who watched it.

And that seems to add to the gestalt of Toobworld and makes it more "real".

There was another version of the story told just a few years ago. It was actually two TV movies - 'Beyond The Prairie: The True Story Of Laura Ingalls Wilder' (Parts 1 & 2). It starred Richard Thomas as Charles Ingalls. But it was only those two TV movies, so I'm inclined to toss them into yet another TV dimension.

Since this version of the Ingalls tale didn't involve cannibalism along the trail, or Charles Ingalls going off his nut and taking an axe to his whole family, I'm forced to abandon the attempt to stick them into the evil mirror universe. But I gotta tells ya, it was tempting.....

This version was only a limited time offer; just the two TV-movies. Therefore, by the powers invested in me by me, I'm going to put it into the alternate dimension known as Earth Prime Time-MOW.

"MOW" stand for "Movie Of the Week". This is the dimension which has the line of succession among the American presidents based on the various TV movies that had fictional presidencies depicted.

Among these would be:


'Washington: Behind Closed Doors'


'The President' Plane Is Missing' (not to be confused with the 'Saturday Night Live' sketch "The President Has Mustard On His Chin" which starred host Charlton Heston.)

They may have all had a fictional timeline but that chronology had to be based on the real one at some point in prime time.......


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