Saturday, April 16, 2005



If this crossover had gone as originally announced, I would have declared it as the top crossover of the week. And the 'Y&R' and 'ATWT' connection would have had to settle for "Miss Congeniality" runner-up.

Fran Dreschler's new sitcom, 'Living With Fran' debuted on Friday, April 8th, with two episodes on The WB. They formed book-ends around 'Reba', with an episode of 'What I Like About You' leading off the night.

But originally, the first show of the night was supposed to be the debut episode of 'Living With Fran', followed by 'What I Like About You'.

Normally, this would not have been a big deal, except for the fact that Dreschler's character (and the boy-toy character with whom the new Fran is having a relationship) were appearing in a cameo on 'What I Like About You'.

Had her show premiered first, then her appearance on Jenny Garth's sitcom would probably have been major TV crossover history - to have a crossover on the same night as its debut.

As it was, showing 'What I Like About You' first made the appearance by Fran nothing more than a spin-off showcase crossover designed to launch the new show from another, established, series.

True, it's still a crossover and notable for being on the same night as its premiere. It just doesn't have the same cachet to my (lack of) mind as it would have had 'Living With Fran' was premiered cold and then had the crossover appearance.

If only one of our two crossover winners had occurred the week before; I wouldn't have had to scramble to make that 'Apprentice'/'Papa John's' link!

Oh well. What the bleep.

At least this week, REAL TV crossover history was made and will be the Crossover of the Week.... to be announced after the weekend!


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