Thursday, April 14, 2005



What gives the TV Universe its viability are the official crossovers between shows. There are so many now, we can look upon the theoretical crossovers, the missing links, and the celebrities who appear as fictional versions of themselves in different shows to be just the star-stuff that's filling in the blanks of the universe.

I know there will probably be long stretches of time between those official crossovers, so I look for the trivial tidbits that help to create the shortcuts for the degrees of separation.

And then there are the times when the crossovers are tripping over themselves to get on the air.

It was feast not famine this past week with two official crossovers. The first one was not ready for prime-time, a crossover between 'The Young & The Restless' and 'As The World Turns'.

Michael Baldwin left his law practice in Genoa City, Wisconsin, long enough to represent Keith in his attempts to wrest custody of his nephew JJ away from his abusive dad Les JJ's mom Julia was murdered.

But when Michael's own past became an impediment to the case - after all, he had been convicted and jailed for attemped murder and rape! - the case almost tipped in favor of Les. But thankfully it was Carly who came through with the right idea to sway the judge's decision, so that Jack (whom JJ considered to be his "Dad") could keep the boy with him.

And as a sign of Michael's maturity over the years, he congratulated Carly for being the only one who really won the case.

'The Young & The Restless' already had several crossoverlings - Sheila, Lauren, Scott, - with 'The Bold & The Beautiful'. And 'As The World Turns' had a few characters who came over from 'Another World' when that was canceled. And 'Another World' led to a slew of official and unofficial crossovers during its history, so this was no small potatoes!

Coming up.... the other Crossover of the Week which brought back the glory days of whine and neuroses....


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